Loren Krywanczyk
Societal gender biases taint sports coverage

The main headline of the New York Times sports section on March 23 spoke multitudes about women’s place in the sports page. As Lee Jenkins […]

An activist’s work is frustrating but crucial

In his column “Activism is inefficient way to make change” (2/21), Jeff Mankoff employed a suspiciously convenient definition of activism. Almost everyone at last week’s […]

Facebook project offended, informed

On Wednesday morning, printouts of individual and group profiles from facebook.com completely covered the designated boards on Cross Campus and Old Campus. Many had been […]

Feminists: embrace the diversity of women

In her Oct. 30 New York Times article titled “What’s a Modern Woman to Do,” Maureen Dowd states that in light of the past 30 […]

A fine line between paranoia and duty

Late one night last week, while walking down Elm Street, I stopped dead in my tracks for a couple of seconds as a woman ran […]

Finding the right words to end predation

I was glad to see the Aug. 31 article about rape charges against a Yale student on the front page, as an arrest regarding such […]

On gay equality, don’t sound victory bell yet

Apparently, the days of homophobia are over. Or so implies Cornell professor Ritch Savin-Williams in a recent Yale Herald article chronicling his just-released book. Savin-Williams […]

On gender identity, cliches don’t cut it

The most recent issue of the New Haven Advocate included a blurb about “Part-Time Ladies,” an event that will take place in the Yale Women’s […]

Bigotry in our backyard: a wake-up call

Most of the homophobia I have encountered and confronted is subtle. Many modern homophobes are getting smart enough to avoid open displays of bigotry, so […]

The marginalization of women in coed intramurals

Three weeks ago, I played in a coed intramural football game that made me rethink the equality of gender at Yale. I noticed, much to […]

Stunting freshman growth on Old Campus

Virtually every night — and certainly Fridays and Saturdays — Old Campus is rocking with numerous gatherings. These offer a chance for hormonally-active freshmen to […]