Earthquake upsets Italian architecture

Mounds of pink and white rubble are scattered on the land where the 700-year-old basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio stood last week. This church was among the countless treasures of Italian art and architecture destroyed by an earthquake, which was measured at 6.3 on the Richter scale, that ravaged the city of L’Aquila in […]


Around New Haven

Date of Yankee Stadium train station opening announced The Metropolitan Transit Authority announced late last week the date that Metro-North Railroad will offer direct train service from New Haven to Yankee Stadium: May 23. While the new route will significantly cut travel time to Yankee Stadium, it will do little to cut the $24 total […]


Professor talks poetry

“I wrote this poem in response to opening my door this morning and finding that a man had come to turn off the power,” James Pollack ’09 said, introducing his poem tentatively titled “Off.” Pollack’s remark was in the spirit of National Poetry Month, which celebrates engaging with poetry in everyday life. In connection with […]


Probing the morality of video games

As violent video games continue to become ever more popular and accessible, Tamar Gendler, chair of the cognitive science program and professor of philosophy, and other experts in the fields of philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science, as well as gamers themselves, are debating whether pulling the trigger on your game console constitutes an immoral act. […]


Professor helps drug production go green

It’s not easy being green — especially not if you’re producing a drug. But professor of chemistry Robert Crabtree is on a mission to change just that. Earlier this month, he was awarded a grant by the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable for $160,000 to develop more environmentally friendly methods of producing […]


Short-term memory the ‘missing link’

Short-term memory may be even more important than we thought. While intelligence plays a crucial role in the ability to gauge short- and long-term benefits and resist temptations, scientists have, until recently, been unsure of why this connection between intellect and self-control exists. But a study released Tuesday by Yale assistant professor of psychology Jeremy […]


Leaks from the Lab

Long time, no see: Peabody Museum scientist rediscovers species of fairy shrimp Eric A. Lazo-Wasem, senior collections manager in the Peabody’s division of invertebrate zoology, recently collected specimens of Eubranchipus holmani, a small species of shrimp that has not been seen in 50 years. Lazo-Wasem, who was on a quest to track down the rare […]