Lily Belle Poling
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Lily Belle Poling covers climate and the environment. Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, she is a first year in Branford College majoring in Global Affairs and English.
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A thousand protesters march through downtown New Haven for a “free Palestine”

On Sunday at noon, about a thousand people rallied in downtown New Haven for the “March for a Free Palestine,” which was organized by the Connecticut Palestine Solidarity Coalition.

Faculty divided over University response to divestment protests and student arrests

Faculty members composed two separate letters criticizing the University’s response to pro-Palestine protests: one criticizing Monday’s arrests, and another urging the University to respond more aggressively to protect Jewish students.

Meet Laura Cahn, concerned mother turned champion of environmental issues

Laura Cahn is the chairwoman of New Haven’s Environmental Advisory Council. She began her environmental work because she wanted to set an example for her daughter.

Police union holds rally, passes out leaflets during Bulldog Days

The Yale Police Benevolent Association rallied with over 50 people in front of the Schwarzman Center — a move administrators described as “irresponsible and reckless.”

Students hold vigil for Palestine on Beinecke Plaza, forced to disperse under threat of police citation

A group of around 50 protesters was forced to disperse a Monday night pro-Palestinian demonstration on Beinecke Plaza under threat of police citation by Yale administrators, who declined to provide a reason or cite a policy for the intervention.

New Haveners dump unconventional items at recycling day event

On Saturday, Hometown Recycling Day allowed New Haven residents to bring shredded documents, electronics, mattresses, boxsprings and textiles to be recycled.

Connecticut residents look to ban mini alcohol shooters

Connecticut residents are advocating for measures to ban the sale of small alcohol bottles called “nips” or “shooters,” which often become litter and cannot be recycled.

ANALYSIS: Protest vote sweeps younger neighborhoods, falls flat at Yale

“Uncommitted” received 21 percent of the Democratic presidential primary vote in New Haven, doing especially well in East Rock, in line with trends from past presidential election years, but underperformed prior left-wing campaigns in Yale-heavy Ward 1.

Light pollution in Connecticut contributes to millions of bird deaths annually

Light pollution has contributed to decline of American bird population by three billion since 1970; New Haven has passed little legislation to reduce its light pollution.

‘Uncommitted’ beats expectations in New Haven, statewide

Biden and Trump handily won Connecticut’s low turnout presidential primaries, while “uncommitted” garnered 21 percent in New Haven’s Democratic primary, surpassing organizer predictions.

Urban Resources Initiative plants first of 1,000 new trees

Thanks to a $2.6 million grant, the URI will be planting 1,000 trees per year for the next five years, the first of which was planted Monday morning.