L. David Peters
Fin. aid compels the rich to foot others’ bills

The Undergraduate Organizing Committee wants the circumstances of our birth to determine the particulars of how we pay for our undergraduate education. Or, at least, […]

If U.S. doesn’t go nuclear, power will go out

Nuclear power is the regrettable third rail of American energy policy. The environmental lobby has knee-jerk concerns about waste and pollution, the dirty power lobby […]

Blackout demonstrates need for stronger measures than Bush’s Clear Skies

Something extraordinary took place around August 15, 2003. In the valleys of Pennsylvania, the air was substantially cleaner than it had been just 24 hours […]

U.S. passenger car market should open up to more Turbodiesel cars

Diametrically opposite today’s gas-guzzling SUVs is a passenger car that gets 50 miles to the gallon. It is not a hybrid gas-electric like the Toyota […]

Admissions decisions are a question of values

X, Y and Z were all applicants to the Yale College class of 2008. They come from similar socioeconomic backgrounds and attend the same suburban […]

Harnessing market forces will aid animals more than veganism

The state of animal farming in this country is abysmal. The small farm and slaughterhouse have been almost entirely replaced by the vertically integrated meat […]

Sustainable farming needs bioengineering

The recent discussion surrounding Berkeley dining hall begs a larger debate about sustainable food at Yale and “sustainable agriculture” in general. The food purchased by […]