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Family Weekend puts pressure on student performance groups

This year, parents descended on campus much earlier than in the past, forcing student performance groups to scramble to prepare the usual jam-packed Arts Calendar.

Intro lectures maintain enrollment

The classes with highest enrollment for the fall semester have expanded beyond typical introductory lectures.

Science journalist discusses lack of privacy

Society has entered an age in which data is taking over and privacy is becoming increasingly less important, according to Jacob Ward.

YCC | Grant Fergusson ’16, UOC chair

Grant Fergusson ’16 said he plans to emphasize how the Undergraduate Organizations Committee can serve as a support network for organizations rather than an administrative unit for funding.

Comedian shares Yale experiences

The Law School Auditorium erupted with laughter when Lewis Black DRA ’77 began talking in his characteristically colorful language, saying if anyone found his words offensive they should leave immediately — because it was only going to get worse.

Yale partners in Indian justice program

As part of efforts to expand its influence and communication with South Asia, Yale is partnering with other schools to create a global justice program in India.

Civil rights lawyer explains the New Jim Crow

Students and faculty filled Marquand Chapel at the Divinity School Monday afternoon to listen to one of today’s most influential legal rights advocates discuss the issue of mass incarceration in the United States.

Activism encouraged at Black Solidarity Conference

Roughly 200 students flocked to campus this weekend to participate in the 18th Annual Black Solidarity Conference, which centered around activism in the modern era.

Alumni discuss investment banking

At an alumni panel about careers in investment banking Wednesday afternoon, speakers stressed the idea that the industry is rewarding but toilsome, and urged students to weigh their career options carefully.

Professors teach at One Day U

One Day University gives adults the opportunity to relive their bright college years — but only for one Saturday or Sunday.

GAKKO enters second year

After a successful first year, GAKKO — a student group that targets education reform — is getting ready for its second session.