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Students, faculty consider take-home exams

For several years running, professor Mary Lui, head of Timothy Dwight College, has offered her Asian-American history class a take-home exam instead of a timed final.

CEID celebrates fourth year

This fall marks the fourth anniversary of a centerpiece in Yale’s STEM initiatives: the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design.

Play explores African American experiences

As the lights hit the Yale Repertory Theatre’s stage on Monday, audience members were surprised to find a woman belting high notes about delicious cabbages and sexual intercourse.


Mayo Clinic: Rochester, Minnesota By Lillie Lainoff I have seen the children whose sorrow tastes of licorice, that bites on tongues and leaves scars around […]

Q&A with Emmy Reinwald ’17, co-president of the Yale College Republicans

"To be honest, I don’t think that either way would have made a difference on campus. I think Yale will continue being Yale. It would have been the same regardless who the Republican nominee was. You’re still going to see people protest, you’re still going to see people get involved even if Hillary was president."