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MICHAEL: On growing up

I never really thought about growing up until people started to tell me that I was done doing it. On my 18th birthday, everyone congratulated […]

Bright College Years

I spent most of the First Year Address staring at the ceiling. Every surface that wasn’t painted in azure or cobalt was covered with gold. […]

MICHAEL: Right questions and answers

I’m a senior, and with this designation comes the dreaded question: “What are your post-grad plans?” Those of us who haven’t signed lucrative return offers […]

Bleep Throat: Clean CupcakKe Lyrics

Campus-wide debates have recently centered on the proper pronunciation of CupcakKe, the stage name of Spring Fling artist, Elizabeth Eden Harris. Meanwhile, in the Yale […]

A Moment of Silence // Laura Michael

I’m standing in a Whole Foods trying to parse the complicated labels — what is the difference between whole grain and whole wheat? Suddenly the […]