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POETRY: Interrupted Connection

The press of our Uber driver’s ankle has sent us to a part of town where traffic lights sleepily blink green. Where roses are hung […]

MASROOR: The stuff of daydreams

“Action is character,” our English teacher says. I think it means that if we never did anything, we wouldn’t be anybody. So much of life […]

MASROOR: There is always someone singing, somewhere

The first time it happens, I’m introduced to a woman who works at the Yale New Haven Hospital. We smile at each other, she begins […]

MASROOR: In God’s spam?

Before I go to bed, I can imagine my grandmother rising for morning prayer. I can hear her whispering my name and my brothers’ in […]

MASROOR: On performative empathy

Coming here for the first time, I had the idea that because the Yale community is so academically strong, our social culture must be highly […]