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BENDESKY: One last request

In many ways, my days here at Yale have been colored by athletics. I have had some of my happiest memories at games: tailgating the […]

BENDESKY: Not your typical team

There is a team on campus you don’t know, but with whom you are incredibly familiar. You have never seen them. But you have heard […]

BENDESKY: A half century in the making

Henry Harutunian had coached Yale fencing for 49 years. He had wanted to coach for 50 years. He had informed Yale’s athletic administration about that […]

BENDESKY: Do the right thing

“Pino, who’s your favorite basketball player?” Spike Lee’s character, Mookie, asks his overtly racist co-worker in “Do the Right Thing.” “Magic Johnson.” More than any […]

BENDESKY: The Lanman courts

Normally I would have held some antipathy for the guy who kept draining threes in my face. But it was hard to hate this man. […]

BENDESKY: On Feb. 8, remember 2013

By April 2013, the Yale men’s hockey team had already faced Quinnipiac three times that season. Things had not gone as planned. In the regular […]

BENDESKY: A fruitful fall

With the Yale Daily News sports section relegated to the back page and the nature of the variegated schedule of collegiate sporting, it can be […]

BENDESKY: The wild year ahead

While the average Yalie was attending review sessions for midterms, members of our men’s basketball team were being lectured on how to conduct themselves during […]

BENDESKY: Bright college years

For weeks and weeks, I had been preparing to take the LSAT in November. I studied and practiced. I was excited and nervous. But most […]

BENDESKY: Walking away

There is a large contingency of students at Yale who were once student-athletes. These former varsity competitors are no longer on the team to which […]

BENDESKY: Building respect and enthusiasm for athletics

Our new director of athletics, Vicky Chun, has spoken of her mission as “making athletics an integral part of the University,” and engendering a greater […]