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XU: The gates of Yale

When I returned to Yale for the first time that summer, a group of Yale staff welcomed me by threatening to call the police. I […]

XU: Thank you for applying

“You’re the best or you f—— suck.” This classical musician’s saying has been the most influential advice ever given to me, for better or for […]

XU: Decent human beings

Over the past week, American businessmen and politicians have been popping up in the news for expressing their concern for those less fortunate than themselves. […]

XU: Lessons from Chinese tourists

I like to study near the front entrance of Sterling, mostly so I can catch a glimpse of adorable babies as their tourist parents walk […]

XU: Laughing about it

Moving to Yale from the South, the idealistic part of me expected lazy race jokes to be bygones. Yale will be so “woke,” I thought, […]

XU: Tax reform’s threat to education

My mother came to America in the ’90s with dreams of earning a doctorate and sending her kids to college. Twenty-five years later, she’s a […]