Keith Urbahn
‘Muslim refusenik’ aims to reform Islam

A “skirmish of cultures,” or so Irshad Manji describes the convulsions sweeping the Islamic world over those pesky Danish cartoons. As her euphemistic interpretation of […]

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Never in history has it been so easy for a nation to forget that it is at war. At least during the Cold War, we […]

Ivy League to future stay-at-home moms: Don’t bother

It’s a rare moment when I defend the journalistic integrity of The New York Times. It seems impossible to escape the front page doomsday stories […]

With eye to the Beltway, campus politics grow up

There’s much of me that wants to hate Yale’s Roosevelt Institution: “the nation’s first student think tank … for a new generation of progressive politics,” […]

The Elm City’s non-American American

We all have our Sunday morning rituals. For some, it’s church then brunch. For others, it’s three Ibuprofen and back to sleep. For Zeqir Berisha, […]

Radical un-chic: think before you wear

To those longing for the days when four years of Yale were still ahead of us, the bright-eyed pre-frosh strolling around campus recently were an […]

For pluralism, for world and for ‘college in Conn.’

We’re frequently told that we are the inheritors of an elite legacy, of something truly unique in collegiate education, of a mystical tradition dating back […]

Putting the torch to a culture of entitlement

How bizarre it is, but in some ways, conservatives are becoming regular Che Guevaras. Democrats are now the staunch defenders of the status quo, while […]

Why American exceptionalism rings true

In a politically correct age dominated by cultural relativism, American exceptionalism — the notion that the United States has reached its superpower status because of […]

End to ‘don’t ask’ won’t come through JAG ban

Yale students and professors at the Law School have led a national movement to banish military recruiters from law school campuses — and succeeded, so […]

Radical left’s ‘woe is us’ line is getting old

To escape the oppression of Yale’s imperialist, pro-Bush hordes, there’s a place deep underground Cross Campus where the clandestine network of liberal activists can freely […]