Karin Shedd
New Haven police officer fights crime by barking

In a striking display of cheeky ingenuity usually not seen outside of two-bit daytime sitcoms, a New Haven police officer successfully frightened two wanted men […]

The Academy Awards for Dummies

Tonight, the world of popular culture will be all aflutter and atwitter (a word which here means “inundated with tweets”) with the excitement of the […]

How a layperson understands section

For most of my life growing up in the ultra-burbs of rural western Nebraska, I always knew that I had at least one talent that […]

Love Week speaker denounces casual sex

Richard Panzer ’73, founder of the Institute for Relationship Intelligence, condemned the “hook-up” culture in a True Love Week event that drew about 20 students […]

News producer discusses media, politics

Though Richard Kaplan said he once dreamed of living in the White House as president of the United States, he settled for being president of […]