Karan Arakotaram
Arakotaram: It’s been a great year

What a year. When my editors asked me if I wanted to write one final sports column, I immediately agreed, even though I didn’t know […]

Arakotaram: What 2013 needs to know

To the prefrosh: Yale will change what you think you know about sports. You’ll discover sports you never knew existed and you’ll watch sports that […]

Arakotaram: Residential colleges, sports style

The things that matter the most in life are the things entirely out of your control, like your parents, your height and your gender. And […]

Arakotaram: Watching sports, for beginners

I was having a hard time deciding what to write about this week, so I asked two of my friends during dinner what they wanted […]

Arakotaram: Pong trumps dunking

The NBA dunk contest is relevant again. After a miserable stretch that saw the likes of Harold Miner, Isaiah Rider and Fred Jones take home […]

Arakotaram: Memoirs of a 21-year-old

I turned 21 on Monday. When I was a kid, I always daydreamed that year 21 would be my last hurrah — my final year […]

Arakotaram: The hidden heroes of Yale

I’m a hypocrite. For the past three years, I’ve constantly complained about the lack of pride in Yale athletics. I couldn’t believe that people would […]

Arakotaram: Don’t under-estimate the Arizona wild Cards

The Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl. This is the same team that hasn’t hosted a playoff game since 1947. The losingest franchise in […]

Arakotaram: Dear Boston, please stop the band-wagoning

Schadenfreude. Defined as “delight in another person’s misfortune.” It’s the only thing keeping me going. After an absolutely miserable year as a sports fan — […]

FOOTBALL | Keys to the game

1. Defense wins championships. The last time Yale won the Ivy League title, the Bulldog defense dominated a dangerous Crimson offense. The Elis limited Harvard […]

Arakotaram: NBA is the ‘other woman’

From September until January, the NBA is a forgotten mistress. College football and the NFL — the demanding wives — take up the typical sports […]