Justin Kosslyn
Kosslyn: The world beautiful

Elihu Yale made his fortune as an employee of the British East India Company. That much you’ll find on Yale’s Web site. Somewhat less publicized, […]

Kosslyn: Resist ‘leaderliness’

“Do you want to be a student leader?” I had been walking along, enjoying the spring and minding my own business, when the man behind […]

Kosslyn: Dry foundations

Chocolate-brown and larger than a football, the cow patty had lain undisturbed on the parched soil of a nameless New Mexican ghost town. Undisturbed, that […]

Kosslyn: My ulcer alerts me to problems

I appear to have an ulcer. A stress ulcer. The test hasn’t confirmed it yet, but all the evidence suggests that the twisting in my […]

Kosslyn: For better administrators

Earlier this year, a friend of mine e-mailed an administrator with a routine question about an event he was planning. Despite several follow-ups, it took […]

Kosslyn: Two ways to reduce our tribalism

Yale is tribal. Generally speaking, we eat, drink and come to know that small sliver of Yale that resembles us, that tribe with which we […]

Kosslyn: Elegance, not tech support

Computer science is tragically misunderstood. Popular opinion notwithstanding, my major is not preprofessional. It does not teach how to fix a printer — though I […]

Kosslyn: Honesty will free us

Fraud. Impostor. Fake. An acquaintance recently used those words to describe himself. We were in an economics lecture, skimming articles on our laptops while barely […]

Kosslyn: Leave elitism at Casino Night

Casino Night, that annual role-playing spectacular, is tomorrow. Hundreds of Yalies will put on our best renditions of old-world gentry as we gamble and dance […]

Kosslyn: Numbers can’t measure life

I would like to invent a stressometer. A barometer of sorts, it would quantify campus stress levels. The semester’s jittery curve would inch downward from […]

Kosslyn: Trust self, not the compass

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? The same goes for morality: if a deed is […]