Friends to Lovers

In the unfamiliar halls of my new school, he was the friendly face that eased the apprehension of a younger version of myself. Fast forward […]

Vivian Tong
Algorithmic love and the Yale Marriage Pact

Is the prospect of being alone so horrifying that we would submit our kinkiness levels and full names in the same survey? Apparently so… Amid the chaos of assignments, social events and existential crises, there's a societal expectation that finding a significant other and navigating love are crucial checkpoints in the collegiate journey. For the people feeling the pressure to couple up because everyone else is, this survey could be the answer you are looking for. 

Realistic resolutions for 2024

As depressing as it is to walk up Science Hill at 4:30 p.m. in the dark, bundled in so many layers that you can barely put your arms to your side, it’s all worth it. The promise of going home for the holidays in one week’s time, opening gifts, being greeted by all the animals in my house — three dogs and two sisters to be exact — makes it bearable for me.  

Bursting the bubble: learning the secrets of bubbling on campus

It was a warm Tuesday afternoon and blankets were sprawled all over cross campus with carefree students soaking up the sun. I had spent the […]

Long wait times, slow processing for packages: students express frustration with Yale’s Student Package Center 

Almost halfway through the academic year, several students said they are having trouble receiving their packages from the Barnes & Noble Student Package Center, located in the basement of the student bookstore.

A taste of community at Dope N Delicious

Local activist De’Ari Allick’s soul food restaurant welcomes New Haven residents.

An Ode to the Sillibutt

Each residential college at Yale has its own buttery. As much as I am sure students wish the first definition pertained to their buttery, the latter is more accurate. I can’t speak for all of them, but for the beloved Silliman buttery, it is so much more than that second definition alone.

Guide to fall in New York City

As a New York native, I feel well-equipped to inform you of the ins and outs of fall in New York City. Here is your […]

Jessai Flores