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FISHER: For Amistad College

The Amistad is one of the best of those stories, one the University would do well to remember and one members of a new college should be proud to bear as their identity, history and future.

Day One: Braving the Storm

It rained this afternoon; it’s mostly stopped now. It’s a little windy. Yale has determined that it is too rainy and too windy for its […]

FISHER: Don’t fear Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has arrived. People along the Eastern Seaboard are hoarding water. Governments and schools are shutting down. In a lovely throwback to the last […]

FISHER: Not a rape culture, just a PC one

Let’s make this perfectly clear: there is no rape culture at Yale. If Yale had a rape culture, there would be students and faculty speaking […]

9/11 Reflection: Julia Fisher

On Sept. 18, 2001, in response to a quick fifth-grade assignment, I wrote: “I think America might be overreacting a little to the attacks. Canceling […]

Fisher: Get ready to rumble

A few days ago, I was in the first earthquake of my life. Something started rumbling, loudly and abruptly. The next thing I knew, I […]

Fisher: Reacting as we see fit

Shortly after President Obama announced Osama bin Laden’s death Sunday night, I found myself among a crowd of about a hundred Yale undergraduates at the […]

Fisher: A dinner dilemma

There’s one lesson to be learned from the endless stream of YCC emails asking for, introducing, and promoting new programs designed to make life at […]

Fisher: Come on, President Levin

Last week, President Levin was scheduled to address Yale sophomores at the first inaugural Sophomore Class Dinner. Levin showed up to give the speech, but […]

Fisher: Student first, soldier second

Since the repeal of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, the general consensus around Yale seems to be overwhelmingly in favor of reinstating ROTC, […]

Fisher: Who will Oscar choose?

The Oscars are in just three days. To prepare you to fill out your ballots and express your outrage at your favorite films’ losses — […]