Julia Brown
Staff Reporter
Julia Brown served as University Editor on the Managing Board of 2023. Previously, she covered the University's graduate and professional schools as a staff reporter. She graduated cum laude from Yale University with a B.A. in Economics & Mathematics.
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YLS clinic helps advocate for incarcerated veterans

With the help of the Yale Law School’s Veterans Legal Services Clinic, eight state and national organizations dedicated to veterans’ rights sent a letter on […]

Yale legal experts dive into Barrett’s addition to the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in on Oct. 26. According to professors and legal experts from the Yale Law School, Barrett’s confirmation […]

Law students, professors reflect on legal implications of the election

Over a week after Election Day, some election results are still up in the air, prompting Yale Law School students and professors to consider the […]

Divinity School receives $1 million grant

The Yale Divinity School announced last week that it received a $1 million grant to establish its new program called “Reimagining Church: New Models for […]

Salovey breaks silence on Rubenfeld report, but students remain unsatisfied

University President Peter Salovey has responded to a case study on the sexual misconduct allegations against tenured law professor Jed Rubenfeld. Rubenfeld was suspended for […]

Biden election could change DOJ lawsuit

After President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election, the path forward for the United States Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Yale for its admissions […]

Divinity students revive feminist journal

The Voice Journal at the Yale Divinity School, a publication for feminist thought and reflection on campus, released its first issue last week since its […]

Professional schools look to reduce student debt

University President Peter Salovey announced in an email to the Yale community earlier this month that the University will focus on reducing the amount of […]

‘It’s terrifying’: Students say racism runs rampant at School of Nursing

Professors demand transparency in COVID-19 vaccine trials

Five Yale law, medicine and public health professors, along with a national team of scientists, signed an open letter last week addressed to U.S. Secretary […]

Hundreds of birds die from striking SOM windows, new data shows

As birds complete their biannual migration patterns, many find themselves running into an unexpected obstacle: the 130,000-square-foot glass walls of the School of Management’s Evans […]