Joshua Cherniss
Believe it or not, leftists, the U.S. is not the world’s villain

There are so many problems with Chesa Boudin and Sarah Stillman’s column (“Humanitarian acts in Iraq? Drop sanctions,” 2/21) that I’m not sure where to […]

Hold the whistle: your First Amendment rights are safe

I quite agree with Davi Bernstein’s argument (“Yale professors doubling as thought-police,” 12/2) that professor Glenda Gilmore’s threatening to sue the Yale Daily News for […]

True Americanism means plurality, not uniformity

America has been attacked, and now, America is at war. At a time of collective horror and ongoing danger, there is a a need for […]

Dr. America, this world is in need of a Marshall Plan

For many years, the United States has occupied a vital but uncomfortable place in the world. We are the dominant global power, yet we are […]

Teach or preach? Lecturing amid a world crisis

Since the terrible attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, many of us on campus have walked around in a state of shock. Our […]

Too many voices: why student union will fail

For some time now, I’ve been hearing talk of a “student union.” In the past, I could hope the talk would come to nothing. But […]