Jessica Shor
DeLauro Table honors Wooster Square family

After months of controversy, historic Wooster Square has gained a new monument. Mayor John DeStefano Jr. presided over a ceremony unveiling a monument in Wooster […]

New investment group emphasizes education

A new club believes that investing can be freed from its greedy image. The Social Investment Team of undergraduates aims to educate its members in […]

Project asks: What would you say to the world’s seven billionth baby?

Within the next year, a child of unknown nationality, gender, religion and race will be born. This child, however, will not just be another of […]

Shor: Revisiting new media

I am the first to admit that I’m not one for online journalism. Call me old fashioned, but there is something about information from a […]

Shor: The statistics we neglect

As Adam Hirst ’10 noted yesterday, for three weeks each spring, March Madness becomes an obsession — we fill out brackets and then anxiously watch […]

Shor: A test of true Americans

To hear some politicians speak, it seems as though our country is no longer divided into just red or blue. In debates over health care […]

Shor: Finding a free moment

As James Cersonsky pointed out in his column, “Saintly values” (Feb. 5), the Super Bowl is more than a game. As an integral part of […]

Shor: For country, not God

God is everywhere. This is true in the omnipotent sense, but also in a less theologically important, more everyday way. He’s part of the development […]

Shor: A plan for Afghanistan

While most Yalies were busy studying for final exams, the first wave of soldiers left for Afghanistan following President Obama’s Dec. 1 announcement of a […]