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I’d spent all afternoon in the stacks. It was a Saturday, and I was fast approaching the one-month mark of my time at Yale. I […]

Self-love Wanderlust

I recently discovered that sometimes I just want to keep walking. The idea of sitting down in an enclosed space makes me slightly queasy—or rather, […]

New Haven’s Holiday Glow

Orange is my new favorite color.  Not the neon orange of a giant puffer jacket, definitely not the toxic orange of a bad spray tan, […]

Your Halloween film recommendations from a team Aristotle horror aficionado

I’ve made it my personality to love horror movies. I watch several a month, almost one a day on school breaks. I listen to horror […]

Blurbs: What are WKNDers’ songs of the summer?

Did you spend your summer reevaluating one of the closest and most formative relationships you’ve ever had in your life? No? Don’t fret! My August […]

To love and to laze about

We photosynthesized together on Cross Campus on top of blankets, couches, jackets and the plain old grass over these past few weeks. We fell fully […]

Whiplash: A Bulldog-Days-induced reflection on my first year so far

My main goal this April is to not traumatize any admitted students.  I need to adjust the story I’ve been telling everyone and their mother […]

LDR: Long Distance Reevaluated

I’ve thought a lot about how we fell for each other out of necessity. The conditions were too perfect: being unable to see anyone meant […]