Jerry Guo
Hairy Business – Third Place, Wallace Prize for Nonfiction

I heard John Reznikoff’s booming voice, reminiscent of a seasoned announcer’s on Antiques Roadshow, before I saw him. He came bounding from the office kitchen […]

Brush twice daily for a healthier economy

  I was planning to write about the Federal Reserve’s bailout of Bear Stearns, but it may come at a surprise that the required reading […]

Mash-ups pick the next president

I’ve barely finished watching the Daily Show’s analysis of Hillary’s comeback Tuesday and already I’m getting twitchy for fresh punditry and predictions. I want to […]

Negative incentives ensure commitment

For the past two hours, instead of writing this column, I’ve been lurking on Gawker and watching Lost. The looming deadline just wasn’t incentive enough […]

Facebook, Ikea: Tyrants of youthful sensibility

The other weekend I was dragged to Ikea by my girlfriend. Her parents happened to be in town so, naturally, she wanted a new bedroom. […]

Conference takes action against malaria

With colorful bed nets and a similarly kid-friendly title, the “Veto the ‘Squito” campaign launched by a Yale Law School-affiliated organization has a serious mission: […]

Law School grad wins ‘Survivor’

On Sunday, Yul Kwon LAW ’00 won the controversial “Survivor: Cook Islands” competition, which featured a twist on the series in which contestants were divided […]

Law students sue government in immigration case

Students from a Yale Law School human rights clinic filed suit Thursday against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, accusing it of discrimination against Latino […]

Report reveals gender-linked differences in law career paths

For female lawyers, including Law School alumnae, concerns about work-life balance may push them toward more flexible careers than their male peers, often in public […]

Law clinic sues over immigration

The Yale Law School human rights clinic sued the Department of Homeland Security last week in federal court to release records on Operation Front Line, […]

Law clinic aids low-income seniors

Collaborations between church officials and law students may be rare, but a recent partnership between Yale Law School and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church has made […]