Jeremy Kutner

I was encrusted. Flat-backed on a padded examination table, I confined my hands to my pockets and stared at the ceiling, tracing the outlines of […]

Gone Fishing

A man stood alone by the side of the road, still and calm, facing the water. He arched his back slightly, arms sweeping backwards, his […]


Well, you were never a saint, that’s true. No one’s questioning you on that. When you put it that way, ha, yes, of course, you […]

Strike’s legacy is in eye of beholder

One year ago, Torrance Greene walked out. Green, a worker in the Berkeley College dining hall, has been on the job for five years. He […]

Athletes wrestle with issues raised by injuries

After missing all of the 2002 soccer season due to a knee injury, Jon Skalecki ’05, a defender, was determined to rejoin his team. Not […]

Yale’s slavery link remains touchy

Since Brown University announced it was forming a committee to investigate the institution’s ties to slavery, questions about the role and responsibility of academic institutions […]

Vietnam lingers in Elis’ hearts, politics

When Larry Gwin ’63, a member of the Reserve Officer Training Corps at Yale, fought in Vietnam after graduation, he saw combat at its harshest. […]

Tracing Vietnam’s footprints

For some, it was the land of falling napalm. For others, it was the final resting place of a former student. For still more, it […]

‘Sexpert’ Dr. Ruth schools students in college seminar

When Dr. Ruth Westheimer walks by a bookstore and sees a book with “sex” in the title, she has but one option: she must buy […]

Eli athletes on the Rhodes again

The phrase “Yale athlete” sometimes elicits certain stereotypes: intellectual mediocrity, astounding connoisseurship of repulsively cheap beer and aversion to wearing anything but Boathouse jackets. And, […]

Chaplain fosters religious pluralism

Glancing around the office of Rev. Frederick “Jerry” Streets DIV ’75 gives one the impression that, after over a decade as University Chaplain, he has […]