Jen Harris
Univ. committee meets to coordinate tsunami relief

An administrative committee met with students Monday afternoon to coordinate the campus response to the Dec. 26 tsunamis that devastated parts of South Asia. Dean […]

YCC may give up control of shuttle buses

The management of the Yale College Council’s shuttle to Bradley International Airport may be permanently turned over to a private bus company sponsored by the […]

Boston rethinks tailgates

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. After flirting with the idea of refusing liquor licenses at future Harvard tailgates, […]

A Day in the Life of a CA

Yale Computing Assistants: the title conjures up images of a small and elite group of super-students who materialize from the nether regions of the Internet […]

Yale pays to access tailgates

As this weekend’s Harvard-Yale showdown approaches, Yale officials agreed Tuesday to give Harvard $2,000 to fund a joint barbecue at the tailgate, bringing an end […]

YCP responds to higher Fallujah death toll

Twelve students feigned death midday Monday by lying down near Porter Gate on Cross Campus in response to the recently escalated civilian death toll in […]

Student governments hold first conference

NEW YORK — Student-government presidents and vice presidents from Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia and Barnard met at Barnard College Saturday for the inaugural Ivy League […]

Harvard tells rules for Game

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Harvard Undergraduate Council President Matthew Mahan announced Thursday the final regulations for tailgates […]

Levin holds open forum with students

Yale President Richard Levin held court in an open forum with students and city residents Wednesday evening to discuss issues ranging from the University’s voluntary […]

YCC, Krauss tackle dining restrictions

The Yale College Council discussed solutions to the increasingly controversial residential college dining hall restrictions during a meeting Sunday night with Council of Masters chair […]

MAC hosts second open forum

Delving into issues ranging from racial profiling and hate crimes to diversity training for freshman counselors and faculty diversity, the undergraduate members of the Minority […]