Jeff Mankoff
Activism is inefficient way to make change

It was Lord Douglas Hurd, the onetime British foreign secretary, who first got me thinking about the role of activism on campus. During a dinner […]

Sharon’s stroke left vacuum, opportunity

When Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a major stroke on Jan. 4, the entire complexion of Israeli politics changed, probably forever. Although Sharon may partially […]

A note to prospective graduate students

As the fall semester grinds along, I find myself having conversations with a number of acquaintances thinking of applying to graduate school. I have come […]

GESO should stick to graduate issues

Last Friday’s Yale Daily News ran a story about the Graduate Employees and Students Organization leading a protest against Yale’s investment in a private prison […]

Putting an end to Constitution worship

This past Saturday was something called “Constitution Day,” though, except for some obnoxious fliers around campus put up by the Orwellian-sounding Committee for Freedom, you […]

Yalie to advise Bush on bioethics

When President George W. Bush appointed the 17 members of his new Council of Bioethics Jan. 16, one of those he turned to was Stephen […]