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Fracking fluids found toxic, mysterious

A recent Yale study of 1,021 known chemicals in fracking fluids and wastewater raises alarm about the substances’ public health impacts. Of only 240 substances […]

BARILE: A Hundred Acre Woode

One year ago, I sat in a meeting with graying Yale administrators, senior faculty, an environmental lawyer and a donor in blue jeans to discuss a model by which Yale could lead New England’s conversion to renewable energy.

Malloy, Foley trade energy jabs

In one of the nation’s most contested gubernatorial races, one issue receives little press but much weight in the eyes of Connecticut voters: energy.

Stern delivers U.S. climate vision

The United States’ lead climate negotiator, Todd Stern, unveiled the nation’s new climate vision in a televised speech from the Yale Law School Monday afternoon.

Connecticut could lead nation in reuse of heavy metals

National energy needs and consumer convenience do not always align. But beginning in 2015, Connecticut residents may not have so difficult a choice.

Connecticut to consider constitutional amendment

A referendum on Nov. 4 will give voters in the Constitution State the opportunity to amend their state constitution for the first time since 2008.