Conway: A policy in cold blood

Local restaurant hosts cookie-tasting

Forget visions of sugar plums — pistachio-cranberry icebox cookies are the new stuff of holiday dreams. At the restaurant Chow on Tuesday evening, three dozen local residents gathered for a Christmas-themed installment of restaurant owner and head chef Denise Appel’s monthly Chef’s Table series, where she demonstrates cooking techniques over a light dinner. Normally a […]


Review | Global-themed Art Night worth a look

A torrent of commuters hurdle off two dilapidated trains and stream through Bombay’s Church Gate train station into a dehumanized blur. Thirteen ragged white, brown and black shoes and a worn sack are jumbled together on a “Cobbler’s Wall” in Hanoi. Paint peels off walls, ripped upholstery exposes overflowing stuffing and golf clubs slowly rust […]


Jordanian minister touts moderates

It’s not easy being a moderate in the Middle East, according to Marwan Muasher, former Jordanian foreign minister and ambassador to the United States. Even so, moderates are critical to attaining peace in the region, he said. Muasher, a self-described moderate, discussed moderates and their role in the peace process in a lecture sponsored by […]