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HUTT: A break from breaks

How deep into the semester are we? Three weeks? Five months? No, eight weeks. Wow, this semester has gone by so very quickly. And so […]

HUTT: Fight for the court

This weekend, America lost a giant: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. An American hero, she was responsible for uncovering that the Constitution protects against sex discrimination. […]

HUTT: Socializing through the screen

Early on in the pandemic, Brown University President Dr. Christina Paxson insisted that campuses had to open in the fall for universities to remain financially […]

HUTT: Vote for Biden

Jimmy Aldauod was a 41-year-old man from Detroit who lived with diabetes. He was born in Greece and came to the U.S. as a young […]

HUTT: Helping the herd

Coronavirus is coming to a town near you. Or at least that’s what my physician, the CDC and the man in my county who has […]

HUTT: Sweats for success

A sweater vest, a pair of pleated khakis and a starch-stiffened dress shirt. There’s a kid in a couple of my classes who recently wore […]


In 9th grade, my science teacher oozed dedication with every lesson plan. She pioneered the “flip the classroom” model of teaching. Every night, on her […]

HUTT: What happened at The Game

It was a trickle, and then the trickle turned into a flood, and then all of a sudden we’re in the middle of a giant […]

HUTT: Poster-boy Pete

Pete Buttigieg is everything a Yale Man® aspires to be. A Harvard grad who became a Rhodes Scholar and a McKinsey consultant. He didn’t even […]

HUTT: The birthday blues

On Wednesday, my 21st birthday, as we walked out of our seminar and on to Prospect Street, my friend asked me why I was in […]

HUTT: Building leaders who care

In a viral video circulating around Twitter, a mother holds up the lifeless corpse of her toddler, whose neck can no longer support the weight […]