Ishaan Tharoor
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Tonight, three eminent Yale intellects — Frederic Vandenberghe, John Merriman and Seyla Benhabib — will discuss the causes of the riots in France and situate […]

Lessons of Algiers are lost on the Pentagon

Two years ago — six months after the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue — the Pentagon decided it would screen a film for its hard-working […]

State of Iraq war debate: going nowhere, and fast

There was an element of spectacle even before the show began. On Wednesday night, hundreds stood in line on the street, ringing the blocks around […]

In Iraq, ‘liberal’ label applied a bit too liberally

These days right is left, left is right, liberals are wrong and conservatives are liberal. As confused as this may already sound, the logic behind […]

For Iraq, an American dream that wasn’t

Early last week, members of the Yale College Students for Democracy asked students walking through Cross Campus to dip their fingers in indelible blue ink. […]

Overseas, paradise lost; here, a moral found?

Two days after the Indian Ocean erupted and ravaged the coastlines of over a dozen countries, killing thousands and displacing millions, I swam in it. […]

Elections aren’t right glue for repairing Iraq

The Bush administration must really wish Colin Powell had never heard of Pottery Barn. The humiliated former secretary of state thought he was quoting the […]