Isabel Maney
Staff Reporter
Isabel Maney covers sustainability and environment. She is a first-year in Trumbull College.
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A Response to Daffodils in Mexico City

“ ¿Unas flores, señorita?” the flower vendor asked. He picked up another bunch. "¿Violetas?" he inquired. "¿Astromelias?" He took them out so that I could see the drooping pink petals. "Narcisos," he finally said. I felt the name with a pang but could not recall its English translation until he held up the yellow bouquet. Fair Daffodils. With delight, I paid for the flowers thinking of Robert Herrick. Herrick was an English poet who once wrote, "Fair Daffodils, we weep to see / You haste away so soon."

Yalies travel to Egypt for COP27 climate summit

Students and faculty flocked to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt to attended the COP27 climate summit to address the pressing concerns around climate change and the environment.

Gold rating on recent report shows Yale’s sustainability progress

The University earned its second gold rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s STARS rating system.

Carbon Charge program set to fund climate initiatives

Revenue from the Carbon Charge program will be used as funding for emissions reduction initiatives on campus starting this year.

Jackson School of Global Affairs opens this fall

The Jackson School of Global Affairs will open as Yale’s thirteenth professional school after meeting its fundraising target.

Antitrust Suit Against Yale and Other Universities Continues

Decisions are still awaited in the recent lawsuit alleging that Yale and other elite universities considered applicants’ financial standing during the admission process. Nine members […]

Yale’s labs aim to address chronic energy inefficiency

Yale’s labs are some of the most energy-intensive buildings on campus. Sustainability experts agreed that infrastructure and behavioral changes are needed to make labs energy efficient.

As Yale aims for building efficiency, retrofitting proves a challenge

Even with updated building standards, the University still faces challenges to build a more sustainable campus.

Russian oil ban – a possibility for greener energy?

Yale professors comment on the Russian oil ban.

Students criticize Yale’s sustainability efforts in survey

The results of Yale’s annual Sustainability Survey were released in February. The survey — which was instituted as part of Yale’s 2025 Sustainability plan — asked students and staff how they felt about climate change and Yale’s progress towards sustainability.

Four Yale Trustees accused of conflict of interest for fossil fuel ties

Four current and former Yale Corporation members were alleged to have connections to fossil fuel companies in a recent EJC complaint.