Isabelle Qian
Staff Reporter
Isabelle Qian covers Yale's graduate and professional schools. She is a sophomore in Pierson College and comes from Seattle, WA.
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In the days and even in the hours leading up to Margot’s first boy-girl pool party, I practiced taking my clothes off in front of […]

Jackson Institute begins hiring process, updates programming in preparation for professional school designation

The Jackson Institute continues its transformation into a professional school while bringing change to its current degree program.

Fire starts at Berkeley College

Emergency services arrive and students evacuate as fire starts near Berkeley late Wednesday afternoon.

SOM administrator questions Bloomberg’s MBA program rankings

After Bloomberg Businessweek ranked the Yale School of Management as the 12th-best MBA program in the country, one senior administrator at SOM is calling the […]

Yale Divinity School goes dark to save migrating birds

Following student advocacy, the Yale Divinity School will now pledge to dim or turn off all nonessential lights during fall and spring bird migrations, as […]

Yale Health sees “unprecedented” number of visits and calls this fall

Dubbed the “Yale Plague,” a non-COVID-19 sickness has spread throughout the student body. Yalies infected with the illness have struggled to make up content for […]

Student coughs
Two Yale graduate students awarded Switzer Fellowship

The Switzer Fellowship, which recognizes individuals from New England and California for their work and leadership in the field of environmental improvement, was awarded to […]

Picture of award winners
School of the Environment announces award honoring late student Mochen Liao

Anonymous YSE alumni donates Mochen Liao Award to celebrate innovation in the field of industrial ecology.

An inset photo of Liao with Kroon Hall in the background.
Class of 2021 shops many of Yale’s most popular courses

The class of 2021 will be graduating with students in a diversity of majors who, over the course of their time at Yale, have shopped […]

Yale courses move online in response to pandemic

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of daily life, one of the largest changes for students was the rapid transition to remote […]

The Period Project places menstrual products in Sterling Library

The Free Menstrual Product Initiative, led by the Graduate & Professional Student Senate and the Women Faculty Forum, has begun placing free menstrual hygiene products […]