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After Stratton, dissenting caucus hunts for identity

When Mike Stratton, a trial lawyer and former alder, resigned from the Board in June, he left behind the People’s Caucus

Claim unlikely in See case, though family’s concerns persist

Dozens of pages of police and hospital records appear not to have convinced a trial lawyer that Sam See died because of neglect or mistreatment by authorities.

Email troubles slow city officials

"Half the time the city email doesn't work," she said.

Development could connect Wooster Square to Downtown

When Ray Kimsey ’73 ARC ’75 was at school 40 years ago, crossing from downtown into Wooster Square was like entering a “no man’s land.”

With staff rebound, Democracy Fund could expand

Board members said they are crunching numbers to figure out a feasible way to infuse public money into hyper-local races.

Turnover brings Mayor, Board closer

For half the alders who left their seats in the first six months of the term, a single calling drew them away: an appointment by the mayor to a position in her administration.

Co-chair required to resign following move

One of the students responsible for engaging Ward 1 residents in the political process must resign after moving outside the ward, according to Democratic Town Committee bylaws.

Alders Begin School Governance Reforms

Voters approved the reorganization of the BOE as part of a package of revisions placed on the ballot following last year's charter reform process.

Stratton blames politics for fallout

When Mike Stratton was 25, he wanted to be New Haven’s John F. Kennedy — a healer who would defend the city from economic stagnation, racial strife and gang violence.

Stratton turns himself in, will dispute charges

Mike Stratton, trial lawyer and former city alder, turned himself in on domestic violence charges Tuesday morning and vows to plead not guilty.

City in search for new Public Works director

An under-staffed and under-funded public works department will undergo a transition in top leadership as acting director Doug Arndt leaves his post.