Howard Kim
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In his State of the Union address last week, President Bush took a bold step by admitting that America is addicted to oil. Although such […]

Repealing Roe would open Pandora’s Box

Now is the time to stop joking about Roe. Since the nomination of Chief Justice John Roberts last summer, a number of political commentators have […]

No matter Schiavo stance, protect federalism

For just a moment, forget the details of the Schiavo case. Take the names, the medical jargon, the ethical dilemmas and place them on the […]

Nuclear waste may blow vote for Bush

In November, the road to the White House may go through Nevada. Up U.S. Highway 95 and beyond the town of Indian Springs lays a […]

Court recusal review is not a better option

At a time in national politics when donkeys and elephants traditionally take center stage, a new animal has emerged and stolen the spotlight: the duck. […]

U.S. must use own nuclear rules

Less than two weeks ago, President Bush announced a new strategy aimed at eliminating nuclear proliferation worldwide. The strategy calls for international cooperation to eliminate […]

S. Carolina is most important 2004 primary

It’s that time of year again — caucus and primary season. Americans everywhere are shifting their attention away from the politics of Gubernator Ah-nold, and […]

Libya, Iran should not validate Bush doctrine

Hardliners are tooting the horn of the Bush Doctrine louder than ever: recently Libya has agreed to end its weapons programs and Iran has welcomed […]

Democrats’ filibustering is not egregious

In early November, Republicans held an all-night Senate session meant to protest the hold-up of several Bush judicial nominees by Democrats. Yet instead of providing […]

Missile Defense System misguided

With the recent $823 million Boeing Co. Missile Defense System contract and Congressional approval of $9.1 billion for missile defense in the fiscal year 2004 […]