Helen Vera
Athena’s Sanctuary

Repelled by the Greek Orthodox Church’s conservative attitudes towards women and elaborate, seemingly empty rituals, she swore at thirteen she would never attend another service. […]

Absent etiquette, use instincts

As much as I hate to admit it, and as earnestly I have sought evidence to the contrary, rules of etiquette have become anachronistic. Etiquette […]

Dance harkens back to more social times

When I first heard about the Tangled Up In Blue “Contra Dance,” I was confused. What was this argumentative-sounding affair? Was it somehow contradictory? Did […]

For dining hall menus, planning can improve lackluster offerings

Last semester, Yale University Dining Services conducted a survey to assess dining quality. Last month, the Yale Sustainable Food Project collected signatures in favor of […]

Sex Week magazine failed to recognize nuances in gender relations

The illustrations in “Sex Week at Yale: The Magazine” feature no fewer than 20 women wearing underwear, lingerie or less. One of these women is […]

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Elitist belittling reflects poorly on the elite

Here are some things that Yale students get away with saying about other universities: “I think that having a Quinnipiac-themed party is a good idea, […]

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A few nights ago, as I fumbled for my keys outside my entryway door, a receipt fluttered from my bag onto the wet path. I […]

Flood of leaflets only annoys students

In recent weeks, a startling abundance of paper, in the form of little sheets, has made its way into my living space. Despite the incredible […]

Coming to accept cell phones, with a sigh

Once upon a fairly recent time, the prevalence of cellular phones annoyed and offended me. I shuddered to see people taking calls in the library, […]

We ask the wrong questions about Harriet Miers

Nobody seems to like Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, and for mostly the wrong reasons. Initially, prominent Republicans worried that Miers was not conservative enough, […]