Helen Rouner
‘Reintegrate’ merges arts, sciences

On Tuesday, the Arts Council announced that it will give $10,000 to each of seven Connecticut-based teams of artists and scientists to conduct collaborative, cross-disciplinary projects.

ROUNER: May the force be against this

Star Wars was about good and evil. It was about growing up thinking you’re alone, but realizing you have the ability to fight for what matters. And now, Star Wars has fallen to the dark side — a money-making scheme that takes our story’s heroes and puts their heads on PEZ dispensers.

English dept. profs stage play

“But no one does that!” English and Theater Studies professor Joseph Roach, playing the character of Judge Brack, exclaimed.

Ballot initiatives present generally progressive results

Although President Barack Obama’s re-election dominated media coverage Tuesday night, several states around the country also made news by voting on particularly divisive social justice […]