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Yale history professor set to publish highly anticipated book on indigenous history

Ned Blackhawk’s book “The Rediscovery of America” seeks to redefine our understanding of native history.

ZHANG: Learning to choose

There are some moments at Yale when I feel like a kid in a candy store — when I’m scrolling through CourseTable’s list or all […]

ZHANG: Second chances

The first of Yale’s life lessons you learn is that getting in was only half the battle. Maybe not even half. There’s schoolwork to contend […]

ZHANG: The things we think and say

Barely three weeks after Robert Sarver’s announcement to sell the Phoenix Suns, yet another bombshell drops in Los Angeles. The cynics among us were probably […]

Snickering Through the Ages

The second-most baffling part about Halloween —besides the length of the annual Hallowoads line — might be its age. The day of king-sized Twix bars […]

Yale Library donates software collection to the Arctic World Archive project

Yale Library’s digital contribution will be preserved in Svalbard, Norway, as part of a project to protect the world’s software programs

Remembrance and reflection on Day of Indigenous Resistance

Unidad Latina en Acción and community members organized their 10th annual Indigenous Resistance Day celebration in New Haven, which took place on the Green on Wednesday.

Yale Medal awarded to five alumni

Each year, the Yale Medal honors the sustainability-related, administrative and philanthropic contributions of five alumni.

ZHANG: Consider the Avocado

Anyone who has watched the Superbowl is acquainted with avocados well enough to know they hit a soft spot. Their mild, fatty richness fills but […]

Yale professor wins Harold C. Urey Prize in Planetary Science

Professor Juan Lora wins the Harold C. Urey Prize for research in Earth’s hydrological cycles and Titan’s atmosphere.

ZHANG: An Opinion About Opinions

One of opinion writing’s greatest boons is its straightforward process: you sit in front of a blank Word document, sift through some articles across the […]