Hannah Mark
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Hannah Mark covers Science and Society for the SciTech desk and occasionally writes for the WKND. Originally from Montana, she is a junior majoring in History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health.
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“Absolutely harrowing”: Yale public health researchers use social media posts and satellite images to corroborate human rights atrocities in Sudan

A series of reports published by the Humanitarian Research Lab at the Yale School of Public Health corroborate evidence of humanitarian crises and body disposal in Darfur.

Yale researchers investigate the future of AI in healthcare

While new Yale research shows promising uses for artificial intelligence in healthcare, questions remain.

Letters, unsent

It’s late afternoon, sunny, but drizzling a little. Sitting on the porch, I can see the slate stones in the pathway turn speckled. The air […]

Cecilia Lee
Yale researchers discover new approach to reversing lung scarring

Yale researchers found that removing a microRNA molecule from immune cells prevented lung fibrosis in mice, which has promising implications for treating pulmonary fibrosis.

The Trot

On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up earlier than any sane college student on vacation should. Why would I do this? Obviously to participate in my […]

Rachmaninoff ate my soul

For a sunny week in November, Rachmaninoff is my undoing.  In the frosty, see-your-breath morning, I stroll past the graveyard. As yet another tree sheds […]

HUMOR: Inventing (H)Anna(h)

Here it was, dropped into my lap, the Next Big Story.

The Redneck Dilemma

I did not have a summer fling.  In the late-August drought, the only thing drier than the withered grass was my phone. Even with the […]

Ode to Yale Wifi

My darling Yale Secure,   You touch every corner of my life. Beautiful network, my fondest memories are spent in your presence, on movie dates […]

Blurbs: WKNDers’ summer travel horror stories

I am used to Americans nagging and pushing me at JFK airport, but I was hopeful on my flight to Miami this year. I was […]

Yale as a Marvel Movie: The Last Four Years

For decades, Yale has inspired stories. The hallowed halls of this institution serve as a muse for generations of creative thinkers, sparking popular shows, movies, […]