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Yale researchers discover new approach to reversing lung scarring

Yale researchers found that removing a microRNA molecule from immune cells prevented lung fibrosis in mice, which has promising implications for treating pulmonary fibrosis.

The Trot

On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up earlier than any sane college student on vacation should. Why would I do this? Obviously to participate in my […]

Rachmaninoff ate my soul

For a sunny week in November, Rachmaninoff is my undoing.  In the frosty, see-your-breath morning, I stroll past the graveyard. As yet another tree sheds […]

HUMOR: Inventing (H)Anna(h)

Here it was, dropped into my lap, the Next Big Story.

The Redneck Dilemma

I did not have a summer fling.  In the late-August drought, the only thing drier than the withered grass was my phone. Even with the […]

Ode to Yale Wifi

My darling Yale Secure,   You touch every corner of my life. Beautiful network, my fondest memories are spent in your presence, on movie dates […]

Blurbs: WKNDers’ summer travel horror stories

I am used to Americans nagging and pushing me at JFK airport, but I was hopeful on my flight to Miami this year. I was […]

Yale as a Marvel Movie: The Last Four Years

For decades, Yale has inspired stories. The hallowed halls of this institution serve as a muse for generations of creative thinkers, sparking popular shows, movies, […]

Looking for love in the classifieds

College days winding to a close? Worried because you haven’t met your soulmate?  Never fear, lovelorn Yalie, the Yale Alumni Magazine is here!  Though a […]

Leaving His Legacy

My dad loves ice cream. Our freezer is always stocked with it. His favorite flavor hasn’t changed in thirty years: coffee oreo.  I learned this […]