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Research shows human hearts cannot sense direction

Researchers have found a genetic explanation for why some human hearts cannot tell left from right.

Researchers count trees, find 3 trillion

How many trees are there in the world? Three trillion, according to an international study led by a team from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Q&A: Do children know truth from fiction?

Do children know whom to trust?

Oxytocin’s effects nuanced

An international team of researchers has found that the “love hormone” oxytocin has more nuanced effects on the brain than previously thought.

Addiction can also be compulsion, gambling study shows

Researchers from Yale University have found new evidence for a link between obsessive compulsive spectrum disorder and pathological gambling, perhaps due to genetic factors.

Researchers solve 50-year-old problem with novel method

After a five-year effort, a trio of mathematicians from across the country has solved a problem that has perplexed for more than 50 years.

Bright stars, dim galaxies

Astrophysicists now have a better idea of how fast the universe is expanding.

Using behavioral techniques when drugs are not enough

Can behavior therapies treat a disease thought to be treatable only by psychotropic drugs? A new Yale study says they can.

Mitochondria may play role in immune response

A team of Yale researchers has shown that bodies use mitochondria — cell structures typically associated with energy production — to incite immune responses.

Study observes “changing quasar,” providing hints at galaxy aging

Although quasars have been studied for approximately 50 years, few have ever been observed to change in luminosity.

Understanding genetic underpinnings, 300 researchers at a time

Authors from more than 200 institutions have combined their efforts to publish a massive and comprehensive study of genetic effects on brain growth.