Gabriel Arana
Mary Cheney mention was out of line

While I agree with a great deal of what Jamie Kirchick asserts in Friday’s column “GOP nightmare: when queer is, well, normal,” (10/22) I think […]

Faith-based initiatives remain the focus of debate

With concern for the separation of church and state in mind, Jim Towey, director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, spoke […]

Profs: U.S. risks much in Iraq

Echoing sentiment across the country, history and political science professors expressed concern, caution and conflicting opinions about American military efforts in Iraq. Professors said they […]

Students, profs pleased with Bush’s rhetoric

Yale professors and students, reacting to last night’s prime time presidential news conference, said they were surprised at how well President George W. Bush responded […]

Conflict in Iraq approaching climax, panelists agree

Three history and political science professors warned that the nation should be prepared for an impending war with Iraq and examined possible courses of action […]

Two profs elected to National Academy of Engineering

Last week, two Yale faculty members — applied physics professor Tso-Ping Ma and School of Management professor Edward Kaplan — were elected to the National […]

Students, profs continue to watch N. Korea

While the U.S. government deliberates over a potential war with Iraq and Yale prepares for a strike, North Korea may be furtively relaunching its nuclear […]

Profs. stay cautious about war in Iraq

Yale professors acknowledged that Monday’s stock market rally was an advantageous departure from America’s economic recession, but cautioned the nation — and Yalies — to […]

Yale, other colleges are possible terrorist targets, professors say

A day after Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller warned U.S. senators of possible terrorist attacks against universities, Yale administrators and professors acknowledged that […]

Profs denounce Bush tax cuts in Times ad

Though Yale professor Gustav Ranis maintains that President Bush’s tax cut plan is “dead on arrival,” Ranis and professor Christopher Udry have joined hundreds of […]

Plans set for science facilities

Fulfilling its professed commitment to engineering and the sciences, Yale has finalized plans for two new additions to its campus — a new chemistry facility […]