Frances Brown
A modest proposal: Campus-wide Open Bars

I will be honest: mob scenes are no fun. I avoid football games, fraternities and mosh pits for that very reason. That, and because I […]

The Yale Ballgame: Four years, you’re out

Like many seniors, these past few weeks have comprised the summer of my life-plan discontent. Luckily for me, Major League Baseball was there to save […]


Entering Branfordians in the Class of 2005: to echo my sixth-grade math teacher, you all don’t know just how good you’ve got it. The gloomy […]

It takes a spy plane: academic secrets safe

It has recently come to our attention that the Yale University history department, previously an exemplary withholder of academic information, has allowed a substantial leak. […]

Transplanting Tulane, studying abroad American style

We just got back from spring break, which means many different things to different people. But let’s talk about me. I went to Spain. I […]

The monkey approach to senior essays: Just write it

To state the painfully obvious, many senior essay drafts are due this week. Hundreds of important papers are due in the coming days. All this […]

Hard times make bright college years dim

Remember Yale’s Alma Mater, “Bright College Years?” (Hint: You have mumbled the lyrics at least once, during freshman assembly your first week at Yale). It […]