Florence Dethy
A student-run health-care clinic, self-examined

Audrey Provenzano MED ’10 started working at HAVEN — an entirely student-run free health-care clinic in Fair Haven, Conn. — four years ago as a […]

Briefly: Neurobiology professor awarded $5.1 million grant

Nenad Sestan, an associate professor of neurobiology at the Yale School of Medicine, has received a $5.1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health […]

H1N1 vaccine on the way

Every member of the Yale community will, eventually, be able to receive the swine flu vaccine for free, Yale University Health Services Director Paul Genecin […]

Murder puts animal technicians in spotlight

On Monday morning, the animal laboratory technicians who work at 10 Amistad St. showed up for work. It was the first time they had done […]

Elis may miss swine vaccine

Elis hoping to get vaccinated against swine flu who are generally healthy may find themselves out of luck. A swine flu vaccine is on track […]

On the ground: Medical students react to news of arrest

As the Yale School of Medicine campus absorbed the news that a suspect in the killing of Annie Le GRD ’13 had been arrested early […]

Medical school debates health care

On Monday, the Yale medical community gathered at the Sterling Hall of Medicine to reflect on the death of Annie Le GRD ’13. In the […]

Experts: YUHS a model for health care reform

While debate over national health care reform rages in Washington, administrators at the Yale Health Plan are finding answers close to home. In interviews, past […]

Researchers at Amistad lab strive to maintain work

Since the discovery of the body of Annie Le MED ’13 on Sunday evening, law enforcement agents have filled the building at 10 Amistad St., […]

‘An idealistic young woman’

She was upbeat, friendly, always armed with a smile. Since going missing Tuesday afternoon, Annie Le GRD ’13 has been sorely missed by all who […]

Ten hour days, and still smiling

As police and law enforcement officials continue to search for Annie Le GRD ’13, onlookers raced to piece together her life story, hoping to find […]