Muslim community at Yale and in New Haven celebrate Ramadan

Muslim Yalies experienced support from Yale and New Haven during their observance of Ramadan.

SHI Venture Program continues to support students’ global health innovation

The program develops Yale students’ interest in innovation to solve global health challenges through collaboration, creative methods and business approaches.

Yale-led study discovers disparities in stroke treatment among patients receiving hospital cardiac care 

The researchers found that patients who suffer from strokes following cardiac interventions are less likely to receive the most effective stroke treatment, EVT.

Blending research and advocacy, Yale’s Housing and Health Equity Lab tackles homelessness through a scientific lens

Founded by Danya Keene, the YSPH lab explores the links between housing and health, promoting policy interventions to enhance housing access and reduce racial health disparities.

Yale study sheds light on new findings on the causes of long Covid symptoms

Researchers at Yale have determined that neuroinflammation and blood-brain barrier dysfunction are not legitimate causes of neuropsychiatric symptoms of long Covid.

COVID-19 infections to rise this winter, researchers predict

Researchers at Yale and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte projected surges of COVID-19 in the winter months, which may aid medical and public health systems in reducing disease transmission.