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TEDLA: From exaggeration to fabrication

What is the line between embellishment and fraud? The former we tacitly acknowledge as necessary for our professional lives. The latter is a permanent black […]

TEDLA & HOVANNESIAN: Promising persistence

The student body deserves student leaders who care about the issues that affect them. But caring is not sufficient — performance is what counts. The […]

TEDLA & HOVANNESIAN: The Board still matters

The Yale Board of Trustees met on Feb. 11. That is all the information about the meeting that is available to the public. Anything more: […]

TEDLA: The Board matters

This is a picture of a key describing the background of Yale Trustee Members in the mid 1900s. It lists their occupation, societies, and other […]

TEDLA: Yale must ensure free and clean laundry

Mold. Flooded laundry rooms. Broken machines. That’s the Yale laundry experience using the CSC machines.  Every week, thousands of Yale students do laundry in their […]

TEDLA: Forgotten egos

Almost all the buildings here are named after a person. We study at Sterling Memorial Library, and we eat at the Schwarzman Center and we […]