Evan Matthew Cobb
Casualization trend is bad for higher ed

I’ve arrived at the end of the sixth year, and I know the Dean’s Office hopes it is my last. In the Graduate School of […]

Grad schools face greater troubles than time

Graduate School Dean Jon Butler has called on all departments to conduct reviews of their Ph.D. programs as part of the “2-4 Project.” The review […]

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We’re back from the holiday season, students have shopped until they dropped and my class has sufficient enrollment to continue, so I’m a happy camper. […]

Year 6: Yale and the half-loved grad student

The literary event of the summer was without question the release of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” For my part, I dodged the late-night […]

On two ways of serving the nation

Leafing through my copy of the most recent Yale Alumni Magazine, I arrived at an interview with President Levin about the role of university presidents […]

Yale’s books don’t add up for teachers

Yale’s recently released 2003-2004 Financial Report proclaims that “no other major university is taking a more sweeping look at how administration can contribute to the […]

Grad students work in class

Imagine my surprise Friday morning as I was preparing to teach my class when I came across Jessamyn Blau’s column (“Now hiring: Koffee Too? but […]