Eric Robinson
Robinson: No end in sight

Operation Iraqi Freedom has officially ended. Starting on the March 19, 2003, what began as an attempt to remove the genocidal regime of Saddam Hussein […]

Robinson: On the plan in Afghanistan

This past weekend began the largest offensive operation in the history of the war in Afghanistan. The objective of this operation is the city of […]

Robinson: Palin’s bigger blunder

Author’s Note Appended Last weekend, the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate gave the keynote speech at the first National Tea Party Conference. […]

Robinson: Ditching ‘Don’t Ask’

Mr. President, this is your Harry S. Truman moment. Last night, in his State of the Union address, President Obama committed to work on repealing […]

Robinson: Those who serve

This is my first Veterans Day since leaving the United States Army after almost five years of active duty. While the nation enjoys a federal […]

Robinson: A difficult line in Afghanistan

Now that Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has dropped out of the runoff election leaving the path clear for Hamid Karzai to remain President, the next major […]