Learning with your Hands

The pot came from Tel Akko, Israel. It had spent the last few thousand years buried under a fieldstone wall when Jane Skinner uncovered it in July. As a second-year archeology grad student at Yale, she was spending the summer excavating around this wall, using a trowel and a small pickaxe to break apart the […]

Small Talk

On Strike

The night before her final physics exam, Amy Bernier-Desmarais was arrested for the third time.  At eight o’clock on May 23, 2012, she had met up with 500 other protesters on the lawn in front of the Parliament Building in Québec City. They spent half an hour under those white stone walls, regrouping and talking […]


Neuroscience, Underwater

[media-credit name=”Natalie Wolff” align=”alignnone” width=”300″][/media-credit]On the night of June 23rd, neuroscientist Vincent Pieribone knelt on the bottom of the ocean, chiseling off a shard of coral. He was an hour off the coast of Kennedy Island, a deserted island in the South Pacific. The ocean floor was pitch-black, but he knew that all around him […]