Erica Blonde
Jerry relishes helping ‘neighbors’

When an overweight 13-year-old named Jerry Greenfield found himself lagging behind the rest of the gym class, right beside him was another hefty classmate named […]

Stout women pass on genes, study finds

The theory of evolution suggests that mankind evolved from apes. But are humans still evolving? A team lead by Yale researcher Stephen Stearns says yes. […]

New building does not fit in

Rosenkranz Hall appears on Yale’s campus like a Piet Mondrian in a room full of Rembrandts: out of place. The four-story building, located on 115 […]

Memorial bike rides honor Bingham ’09

Family and friends of the late Sylvia Bingham ’09 organized four memorial bike rides Saturday to promote bicycle safety in Bingham’s honor. Almost 100 family, […]

Yale will receive a limited shipment of the H1N1 vaccine soon

As swine flu continues to spread across universities nationwide, Yale may not have enough vaccine supplies on hand to protect all of its students. Yale […]

Yale researchers in Uganda film elusive feline

Spotted: The African golden cat. A digital-infrared camera trap set up in Uganda by a team of Yale researchers has captured rare images of the […]