Elizabeth Chrystal
CHRYSTAL: Stocking up for the siege

Spring break is a great excuse for serious eating, and more than a dash of self-indulgence. Don’t let the opportunity pass.

CHRYSTAL: Small potatoes

It is time to come out and say it: I am writing my senior thesis about potatoes.

CHRYSTAL: Will work for food

Let’s face it: the job search is a bit surreal.

CHRYSTAL: Eat this class

Not long ago, one of my friends confessed to me that she had subsisted almost entirely off of goat cheese and Wheat Thins while living […]

CHRYSTAL: Lessons from cooking school

The reactions became relatively predictable: a chirpy “Oh, that’s so nice!” accompanied by a pat on my head. A gushing “My, how fun that must […]

CHRYSTAL: Bleu, blanc, concours

Even on Sundays, the lines to get into the Beaubourg library stretch nearly two hours long now. Crowds of students, laden with heavy backpacks and […]

Chrystal: At mealtime, more thoughtful choices

We’ve all done it. It’s 6 p.m. in your residential college, and you’re rushing to grab a quick dinner with friends before running to section. […]