Elaina Plott
PLOTT: For Buckley College

Buckley’s legacy reminds us that, as Yalies, it is our duty to pave the roads we see fit, even if we find ourselves journeying them alone. And once we start, we must not stop.

Standing Athwart

On an overcast day in January, George Will left his hotel room at The Study with a purposeful stride. He had just arrived at Yale […]

In Excess

During one of the final days of reading week last spring, fraternity presidents sat around a table with Deans Marichal Gentry and John Meeske to […]

New YCBA exhibit discovers ship’s hidden treasures

A new exhibit at the Yale Center for British Art opening Thursday tells the story of the capture of an 18th century ship and the […]

Vintage shop pops up on Chapel Street

Until next Wednesday, Yale students can pass up Broadway’s chain retailers in favor of clothing from a bygone era. Wednesday marked the relaunch of {Cut.Cloth}, […]

PLOTT: The real war on women

On Feb. 29, Rush Limbaugh called Georgetown Law School student Sandra Fluke both a “slut” and a “prostitute” for arguing that Georgetown students’ contraception should […]

PLOTT: Expelling work, embracing entitlement

While I’m proud to call Alabama my home state, I can’t help but feel increasingly unnerved by the recent events brought on by HB56, Alabama’s […]

PLOTT: For the love of money

Among the egregious claims posited by members of the Occupy Wall Street movement, one resonates as perhaps the most ill-informed dogma of them all: the […]

PLOTT: The conservative manifesto

A lot of uninformed rhetoric exists today about what it means to be an American conservative — especially at Yale. We’re often challenged by those […]