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Paca continues run, lashes out at Harp

After his landslide loss in the city's mayoral primary elections, challenger candidate Marcus Paca remains defiant in face of incumbent Mayor Toni Harp.

Two New Haven churches declared sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants

Two New Haven churches have recently declared themselves sanctuary churches and will offer shelter to immigrants who are fearful of deportation or who have been […]

Legislature to vote on ‘bottle bills’

State lawmakers are considering updating or replacing the state’s “bottle bill."

Firearm threat linked to PTSD severity among domestic violence survivors

A new Yale study has suggested that firearm threat is a unique predictor of the severity of PTSD symptoms among victims of intimate partner violence. […]

Connecticut considers allowing bear hunt

For the first time since 1840, bear hunting may again be legal in the state of Connecticut if a controversial bill is passed in the state House and Senate.

MicroRNA key to genetic stability, study suggests

A new study by Yale researchers has found that small, noncoding molecules of RNA called microRNA may play a large role in protecting organisms against […]

Modern magnet school building opens

Students from the Engineering and Science University Magnet School attended class for the first time last week in their new school building, a state of […]

State Democrats prioritize paid leave

Connecticut legislators held a public hearing last Thursday to debate new legislation that would guarantee paid family and medical leave for all Connecticut workers. Democratic […]