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POETRY: Qualms

Mother, quiet and pregnant with fear, raised a daughter with no tongue. I remember in our old house the door opened outward to the grass, […]

FICTION: Five-Year Plan

You came to America because you had a dream, and now that you’re here the dream is like that song on the radio with the […]

Dora Guo
PORTRAIT: Thomas “DJ Action” Jackson

You might imagine that a man named DJ Action never has to pay for parking, drive to Toad’s Place from his house or do laundry. […]

Chubb Fellow talks Asian representation in comics

Gene Luen Yang grew up in a “house of stories.” During his childhood in California, his parents, immigrants from China and Taiwan, entertained him with […]

Spirits in the Elm City

“Who here believes in ghosts?” Colleen O’Connor, a tour guide for Ghosts of New Haven, a local company that offers ghosts walks for “skeptics or […]

Dwight Hall holds reopening

David Warren DIV ’70 ARCH ’70 has lived on the Manhattan Project site, marched through Selma with Martin Luther King, Jr., met with leaders of […]

Yale hosts second annual International Policy Competition

This weekend, 350 undergraduates from across the U.S. gathered at Yale to develop solutions to territorial disputes in the South China Sea. At the second […]

Science communication panel draws scientists, journalists

In an era where many have begun to distrust science, what are the most effective ways to communicate science to the public? On Wednesday afternoon, […]

Writer discusses poker, con-artistry

When Maria Konnikova, a contributing writer for the New Yorker, dove deep into the psychology of competitive poker, it was just research. Now, she is […]